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The odd to get this god given numbers at a randomly generated Ethereum smart contract address is extremely low. Ethereum addresses are typically generated using cryptographic algorithms. They are 40 hexadecimal characters long. Each character in a hexadecimal address has one of 16 possible values (0–9 and A-F).

So let´s do some math. The chance to get 1 specific value for a character in the adress is: 1/16

Here we need several specifc characters: 69 and 42069

So we have to multiply the odd to get the value for 1 character 7 times:

Odd to get a contract like this = 1/16 * 1/16 * 1/16* 1/16 * 1/16 * 1/16 * 1/16

Odd to get a contract like this = (1/16) ⁷

Odd to get a contract like this = 0,0000000037252902984619140625

That is a percentage of 0,0000003725 percent to get another contract like this!

That´s why we call it a god given contract!