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๐Ÿ‘‰ This is ฦŽิ€ฦŽิ€

All began on ๐Ÿ“… September 17 in 2023 when a developer launched this token on the Ethereum chain.

It was the 1st token with the inverted theme and started to pump hard.
The Dev then dumped like 70 bags some hours later and ran away.

The community took control immideately. Some took care about a new TG, one bought a domain and set up a new website and they kept the hype (6m volume in only a couple days).

A community got formed that handled huge fud attacks & ugly porn spam and even made it to update dextools with the new socials and got the listing on CoinGecko.

And why are these chads still there even after such a long time and won’t be leaving?
It’s because we have a safu place here, with a legit team, a renounced contract, burnt liquidity and 0/0 tax.

And of course because of one special thing: the god given numbers in the contract that nobody will be able to copy: starting with 0x69 like Pepe and ending with Elons beloved numbers 42069!


Join the movement and make history with us!