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Inverted Pepe


God given contract starting like Pepe & ending with Elon´s numbers!

crypto gem

The token was the first inverted token ever and has a god given contract starting with 0x69 and ending with 42069!

safe place

The contract is renounced and the initial liquidity pool is burned. The developer left. Neither the dev nor the team have airdopped tokens.

community driven

The community took care of this crypot gem. The socials and the website are under control and the community ist grinding since several month!

The token

Chain: Ethereum

Contract: 0x69d29f1b0cc37d8d3b61583c99ad0ab926142069

Special part: 0x69_42069

Liquidity Pool: burnt

Tax: 0/0

The numbers

The contract is so unique!

0x69 at the beginning: starts like the original Pepe

42069 at the end: ends with Elon Musk´s numbers

Community driven

The token is completely under control of the community.

The community took over after the developer left the project only hours after launch on September, 17 in 2023.

Since then the community is grinding and will keep the token with its god given contract numbers alive!